How To Tell If Your Guppy Is Pregnant Or Ready To Have Babies

Here is how to tell if your female guppy is pregnant.  You can look for eyeballs at the back of the belly on the female guppy.
If your gonna have baby fish soon you'll need this

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  1. it's very informative video for fishing. Thanks for sharing this awesome video.

  2. I have a comment about the Jack Dempsey fish. I have two sets of breeders in my 175g. Eggs laid now they have a cloudy dew over them. The mates are still protecting

  3. Was watching one of your videos from a while back you had a big green plant ball that was hollow and look like it would be great for guppy or Platy fry to hide in. You said you got it from the craft store was just wondering if you knew what it was called .


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