How To Sink Vegetables and Food In Your Aquarium

I'm finally back and this is the first post for the new site.  A question I get is how do you sink veggies in a aquarium or fish tank so that your bottom feeder can enjoy a snack other than pellets and flakes.  Well their are many options that you can choose from but the one I recommend is Put a Fork In It. Literally put a real fork in it and drop it in the tank.  This will sink the piece of fruit or veggie with no problem.

But what about retrieving it?  So in case you don't want to reach your hand or even your arm in the tank then you can drill a hole in the top of the fork and put a pieve of fishing line thru it, as well as silicone a piece of fishing line in case your don't have the tools. Then if you dont have silicone you can just tie the line to the top.

Don't get me wrong you can buy products out there but ill show you some a what it cost.

So if you bought a fork, assuming you dont own one.  I found one for $4 on amazon here at this link

So the first thing that some people buy is called the pleco feeder and it's a well designed product but it ranges from $25 to $30, It doesn't sink either it keeps the items about half way down.

You can also use plant weights, you can stick it through the middle of the piece or you can wrap the weight around it and drop it in the tank.

Next their is a clip with a magnet on it that you can sink to the bottom using the magnet.  Then you can bring it to the surface with the magnet also.  These go for $8 to $12 but are pretty cool.

I hope this helps you on your journey to sinking vegetables in your aquarium.  Like i said their are many options to choose from, but just use a fork and save your self some money and shipping cost and go to your silverware drawer and get a fork and sink some veggie for your plecos, catfish, and other fish to enjoy.


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