How To Remove Ammonia From Your Fish Tank or Aquarium

1. Do a partial water change to reduce levels.
2. use amquel plus or Prime by Seachem
3. Do another partial water change in 1 day.

It really is that simple to reduce or remove ammonia.  It does take a little time to reduce ammonia so be patient.  After you reduce it, dig into why you are having a problem.  You either have to many fish, your tank is cycling. or your over feeding.  So find out why you are having a problem and fix it.  Also Do not remove or replace your filter media.


  1. I had some questions about my turtle was wondering if you could help?

  2. I have a 3.5 gallon tank with one betta. It is 4 months old and I dont think it has cycled correctly. I use Stress Coat and bacteria starter every water change, which is about 50% every 4 days. I have not vacuumed my gravel. I am not overfeeding. My fish is active and happy. Today my readings were 0 on nitrites and nitrates and .5 on ammonia after a 50% water change yesterday. My tap water does have ammonia. It tests 1.0 straight from the tap and .5 with Stress Coat added. Please advise if you think I should switch to Prime, and also any other recommendations. I love my little guy..,.


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