K1 Media Kaldnes Media For Aquarium Filters For Sale

K1 media is the new media that is up and coming to put in your DIY moving bed filter.  This filter media helps create a surface area for your beneficial bacteria to grow and thrive.  This is the k1 media.  I have it for sale here K1 Media For Sale.  Their are many things you can do with this media like adding lights to it and so much more.  The K1 Bio Media provides maximum surface area for the growth of beneficial bacteria to colonize making this media very efficient. With matured bacteria, this media is the most efficient in removing ammonia and nitrites. The K1 Bio Media is designed to be self-cleaning and to constantly move freely within your filter, requiring little to no maintenance.  The product comes in many sized boxes and bags.

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Aquarium Backgrounds

If you are looking for some aquarium backgrounds check out my new store site. Aquarium backgrounds.  You will find a huge selection of backgrounds for your aquarium as well as the famous 3d backgrounds for your aquarium.

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Bubble Guppies Aquarium Decorations Huge Savings

Are you looking for anything bubble guppies like I was for my daughter and here obsession with the bubble guppies and especially bubble puppy.  But I found some Bubble Guppy Aquarium Ornaments.   I have a link for amazon for the set of six or each of them by themselves.  The resin and paint is definitely durable and is a perfect size so that in the morning when my daughter comes down from bed she goes running over to see the characters and names them all.


Eheim Jager Aquarium Heaters Sale Prices

Eheim jager aquarium heaters are one of the top of the line aquarium heaters.  This is one of the best heaters that you will ever buy for your aquarium.  The sleek look of these heaters are great looking in your aquarium.  What makes this eheim heater great is all the features that you get in this heater including the following features.

This Eheim jager aquarium heater is fully submersible meaning it can go completely underwater making it so you can hide it easier.Their is a thermo safety control that prevents against running the heater if its dry, this means if the water level gets to low it shuts off.

This is also a feature of this heater that I love alot.  It's made of shock resistant and shatter proof glass that can be used in freshwater and saltwater.  As well as a on/off light to tell you if it's on or off.

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Fluval G6 Advanced Filtration System For Sale

Fluval G6 Advanced Filtration System

This is a NEW filter from fluval that is turning heads in the aquarium hobby because it seems that they have listen to some of the concerns that hobbyist have.  Here are some of the perks of this filter.

  • Powerful filtration system for use in both freshwater and marine environments
  • Easy to use; One button self-priming technology
  • Easy access and ability to view water temperature, flow rate and conductivity
  • Equipped with silicon gasket providing superior sealing and long-term reliability
  • Suitable for aquariums up to 160 gallons; Filters 265 gallons per hour; Voltage - 110 V 60Hz

This filter from fluval is a very sleak looking look.  There are three basic types of filtration: mechanical, chemical and biological. A mechanical filter removes waste particles and solid debris through filter straining. The chemical filter media actively change water characteristics through deliberately managed chemical reactions and biological filter media break down and eliminate organic toxins—ammonia and nitrite—through beneficial bacteria that helps break down toxins in your tank.

Fluval G series uses these basic functions in an entirely new and unique filtration concept. The mechanical pre-filter and the chemical filter media are now housed in cartridges which are directly accessible from the top of the filter. Both can be cleaned or replaced without the laborious chore of disassembling the whole filter. Changing or maintaining each cartridge is now quick and mess free.

Check out more details on this incredible filter by clicking the picture below.

Fluval filter f6

Check out Hanna-Pro Discus And His Website

Hey guys sorry it's been so long since I have updated this site.  I have been doing alot on my youtube channel with videos and info that way it's easier for a majority of people to view and listen to.  I have found a up and coming discus breeder in south carolina his name is HannaproDiscus.  Even if you are just looking for information on discus his youtube is a great source for that information plus his comedy is entertaining.

Discus fish tend to scare people away whether it's the price tag or the thought that they are delicate.  You should check out his channel for some great information.  Plus he will be doing videos of the start up of his business and the trial and error of breeding discus.

I wish him the best in his adventure.

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How To Care, Feed, Your Peacock Bass

Learn how to care for and feed your Peacock Bass.

Other Names: Peacock Bass, Eyespot Bass

 Scientific Name: Cichla ocellaris

 Origins: Central and Northern South America

 Size:  up to 2 feet

 Diet:  Live Fish, Crayfish, Pellets, Frozen Fish

 Tank Requirements: 75- 82 F, Large tank that has quite a few plants and hiding spots so they can feel secure as well as bogwood or driftwood

 Behavior:  Can be very aggressive and outgrows most tankmates.

Other Notes: Readily Available in the hobby as a juvenile when they are most attractive.

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